#1 FCC Cost You & YouTube Millions $

#2 An American Woman – Women's Safety in The U.S.A. 

#3 Clouds,  “Social Weight” 
 Will it raine down on you?

#4 Care the Least, Get the Least
#5 One in Five Cities

Article #1

False Copyright Claims Lose Millions $ 
Using YouTube Payment Program 

The YouTube payment program is a failure after losing millions of dollars to 
"False Copyright Claimaints." 

When 'Real Group Copyright Claimants' 
get tired of being nickled and dimed 
by “False Copyright Claimants”
a group action law suit will cost millions$.

If a "False Copyright Claimant" gets paid residuals from copyrights, 
then the "Real Copyright Claimant" 
is going to demand that money,
plus damages and attorney's fees. 

And "False Copyright Claimants" are claiming Copyrights which have to be "challenged" by 
"The Real Copyright Author,"
rather then the other way around.

Most Authors don't have the time to fill out a form and go through YouTube's process.
It's Backwards!

This issue is increasingly becoming every bit 
as dangerous as “Hackers.”

Your personal information with 
Large Internet companies like 
YouTube are giving out your personal
copyright information 
to the criminals who are acting 
as “False Copyright Claimants.”

Once the criminals get your 
Copyright Number, it is a difficult process to prove your copyrights in a court of law.

Most authors don't realize that The U.S. Copyright Office isn't going to 
help you protect your rights. 

It's still up to the author to prove Copyrights using the paper trail of registering with the U.S. Copyright office.  

But, now with the internet, 
prior to January 1, 1978 Copyright's
 paperwork has been staled, stored rather than put onto microphish, 
making evidence difficult 
if not impossible 
to obtain for court evidence.

When will it end?  
Enemies have openly told 
The U.S.A. leaders
that their "goal" 
is to "cause cias."

It's open season on your Copyrights.

                                    Greg Knows